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alex dared me to do a recut movie trailer turning a psychological thriller into an indie film trailer, so here’s a preview of “the shining” if it was a charming little indie flick about family and what it means to be a writer

Jill would like this

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Quick and simple lifehacks.

I’m quite afraid that there might be people who will belive in these tips

Give them a new one!

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Derrick keeps saying that the fact that he threw the HoH to Frankie should be a legitimate reason for him not to go on the block because “you don’t wanna look like an asshole.”

Wow, good thinking using someone else’s family death to benefit your game.


Who’s going on the block this week America!? Oh, tune in Sunday. Anything new? No, boring. Let me shut off the TV cause I’m bored already.
— Victoria speaking for most of us right now. (via acatonaleash)

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i cant wait to start dating someone so i can send them this pic everyday

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i wont let this video die

nobody should

Literally wtf did I just watch?


*rolls eyes @ Derrick announcing that he was throwing the HOH for Frankie like a million times and making sure every camera got him looking sincere so that he could play the hero*

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